About Me

Hi, I’m Valli, aka-Gypsy Mama Bear! I have had the love of travel since I was a very young girl. I can remember hopping on Greyhound buses or planes by myself when I was in elementary school to see relatives in New Orleans, Colorado, and also to the North Carolina beaches. I learned quickly that I’ve never met a beach, mountain or trail that I did not like!

I have 2 wonderful daughters and a son-in-law that often travel with me! Courtney, my oldest and her husband, Jacob, share the love of hiking and the great outdoors. My youngest, Whitney, has also journeyed on many trips with her Gypsy mom and has quite the adventurous spirit. You will see all 3 with me on here from time to time.

The Gypsy Mama Bear blog will help inspire you to explore this wonderful world near or far, solo or with companions…the key is to do it! Like many of you, I have a “bucket list” of places I’d like to see which you can follow on my Pinterest Boards!  I will be traveling to all the US National Parks, my bucket list countries and towns, and local hikes and I’m looking forward to sharing my travel experiences with you.

Find joy of the journey!

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